WELL OF RADIANCE – New Solar Warlock Subclass Guide! Destiny 2 Forsaken

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My Guide to the NEW DAWNBLADE SUBCLASS TREE: Attunement of Grace, featuring the Well of Radiance Super! Let’s review the perks.
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Carbon Footprint – Discovery Channel (GLOBAL WARMING: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW )

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A video on carbon footprint produced by Discovery Channel, the BBC and NBC News Productions, and hosted by award-winning journalist Tom Brokaw. The international team of experts, including NASA’s top climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, and Princeton University professors Michael Oppenheimer and Stephen Pacala.

GLOBAL WARMING: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW demonstrated how much carbon dioxide the average American family produces and presented a graphical timeline of global warming throughout history.

Ganesh makhar decoration for home||Ganpati makhar decoration ideas eco friendly||Ganesha decoration

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Get fresh, new theme based Ganpati decoration ideas at home. These theme decoration ideas are simple and can be done easily at home.
Decorate your home and pooja room with our amazing Ganpati decoration ideas at home. Make eco-friendly ganesha decoration at home.

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Renewable Energy Certificates Explained – American Wind

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Ever wonder how Renewable Energy Certificates, also known as RECs work? This video describes how Renewable Energy Certificats (RECs) are produced and how you can use Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to turn your electricity into renewable power.

North American Power, backed by British Petroleum, offers renewable energy certificates through their American Wind Program. Not only can you begin using renewable energy at your home but with North American Power and American Wind you can earn additional income too from sharing the product with friends and family. To learn more go to

Solar Panels, Batteries And Everything We Own To The Ranch…

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We moved everything in the storage unit to the ranch.

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