4g Circular Barbells Spikes

This circular steel barbell is 14g (1.6mm) and available in 3 different diameters. Adding some. 14g Circular Steel Barbell with Spike Cones. This circular steel. Gauge. Millimeters. 18g. 1.0mm. 16g. 1.2mm. 14g. 1.6mm. 12g. 2.0mm. 10g. 2.5mm. 8g. 3.0mm. 6g. 4.0mm. 4g. 5.0mm. 2g. 6.0mm. 0g. 8.0mm. 00g. 10.0mm.

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68 Items. We carry many styles of circular barbells (aka horseshoes) that will fit your budget.

Goldplated Flower Captive Rings and Horseshoe Rings 2 Pair – 16 Gauge · $14.99. Ships Free. Multi-Pack CZ Horsehoe Rings and Captive Rings 2 Pair – 16 Gauge Quick View. Multi-Pack CZ Horsehoe Rings and Captive Rings 2 Pair – 16 Gauge · $14.99. Ships Free. Multi-Pack Star Spike Horseshoe Rings 2 Pair – 16.

Hard to find sizes, colors & designs of Circular Barbells-Horseshoes and more body piercing jewelry. High Quality, Great. 20g Basic Stainless Spike Circular Barbell-Cartilage Earring-Tragus-Nose Hoop-20 gauge Earring. $3.98. Basic Stainless 4 gauge Circular Barbell-Steel 4g Internal Thread Body Jewelry. $14.98.

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Results 1 – 18 of 18. Stainless Steel circular barbells w/ spikes (18g – 00 gauge). Your Price: From $4.99 to $6.99. Stainless Steel circular barbells w/ spikes (18g – 00 gauge). Black Steel circular barbells w/ spikes (18g – 0 gauge). Your Price: From $5.99 to $6.99. Black Steel circular barbells w/ spikes (18g – 0 gauge).

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PAIR Titanium Spiked Septum, Eyebrow, Nipple Rings Horseshoe Circular Barbells. $ 2.25 · 1pc Gemmed Ion Plated Circular Barbell Horseshoe Lip Nipple Septum Ring. $ 1.99 · 10pk Replacement Threaded 316L Surgical Steel Balls. $ 0.90 · 14pcs Black Flexible Silicone Circular Barbells 8g,6g,4g,2g,0g,00g,1/2". $ 7.98.