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The blood alcohol concentration tool uses information about the number of standard drinks you have consumed to determine your BAC level.

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Any amount of alcohol in the blood can lead to poor judgment and slowed reflexes. People who drink similar amounts of alcohol may experience different effects and BAC levels. These effects and BAC levels are influenced by factors like body weight, the amount of food eaten while drinking, and alcohol tolerance. So here's.

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Calculate your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level, stay within the legal limits and on the right side of the law. FREE embeddable BAC calculator.

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Drinking and You – Providing sensible information on drinking in moderation for the consumer on alcohol and the heart.

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But everyone absorbs and metabolizes alcohol at different rates, and there are lots of factors that affect BAC. So there's no exact formula for determining how many drinks equates to a given BAC level. The chart below, however, gives BAC estimates that correspond to number drinks consumed and body weight. (Also, check.

Mar 24, 2016. Understanding our Blood Alcohol Content Chart aka the BAC Chart is easy. We tell you step by step how BAC goes from safe to illegal to deadly real quick.

Alcohol is metabolized by the body at a precise rate per hour. Find out how long your drinks will take to exit your system.

For this reason, most calculations of alcohol to body mass simply use the weight of the individual, and not specifically his/her water content. Finally, it is speculated that the bubbles in sparkling wine may speed up alcohol intoxication by helping the alcohol to reach the bloodstream faster. A study conducted at the University.

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Feb 10, 2009. OF BLOOD ALCOHOL INTOXICATED? IF YOU DRIVE A CAR.000 to.050 You Are Not Take It Easy.050 to.080 You Probably Are Better Not.080 & above You Are Illegal to Drive. FOR BEST RESULTS – DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. FEMALE MALE. Drinks Body Weight in Pounds. 90100 120 140 160 180.

Use this blood alcohol content calculator to estimate blood alcohol content. This should be used as an. How does gender affect metabolism? Average metabolism rate. Food Intake; Mood; Medication; Age; Mental and Physical Health; Percentage of Body Fat; Water in the Body; Time From First Beer. savortheflavor.

There are many factors that affect your BAC when you drink and it is important to know how alcohol affects your body. Some of these include: a person's size, gender and physical condition; what they have had to eat; how much sleep they have had; what medications they are taking and, importantly, the actual alcohol.

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Factors such as weight, gender and age affect alcohol absorption. Learn more about the factors that influence intoxication, alcohol’s path through the body and the.

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Aug 3, 2017. Understanding BAC is key to understanding how alcohol affects your body and the serious danger zones of alcohol poisoning. BAC measures the ratio of. To calculate your BAC, select the appropriate chart–for males or for females–then find the row with your approximate weight. Then select the number.

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