Carbs In Captain Morgan And Diet Coke

A delicious recipe for Mojito, with Captain Morgan® Original spiced rum, mint, sugar, lime juice and soda. Also lists similar drink recipes.

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Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is aged in American white oak bourbon barrels. It’s a 70-proof alcohol that can be made into a variety of drinks.

A delicious recipe for Jello Shots, with watermelon jell-o, water and Malibu® coconut rum. Also lists similar drink recipes.

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Best drinking calculator on the web for over 600 drinks tells you BAC, calories and carbs consumed based on your weight and drinking duration.

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Saving calories at the bar may not be a good thing. Researchers gave college students vodka drinks with regular soda and with diet soda, and the diet soda group got more intoxicated, faster – about 20% more intoxicated than those who.

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If you feel a craving for a can or bottle of soda but don’t want to contend with the sugar rush you often experience upon consuming a sugary drink, you.

If you don’t actively keep track of calories, protein, fat, and carbs (net) then you may not be experiencing the success you’d like to see on the low carb diet!

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"This product tastes like Coke," says Caren Pasquale Seckler, Coke’s group director of diet cola brands in North America. "There’s a broad group of young adult males who are looking for full flavor. and, oh, by the way, it has zero.

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