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Neutral-grip DB Press 3. Cable Pull-apart 4. Think of this more as a static contraction exercise. 2. Neutral-grip dumbbell presses are in that friendlier.

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Other articles in this series looked at a number of exercises, mainly from the perspective of developing a comprehensive muscle building program. Sometimes we take things for granted, especially when it comes to performing the basic.

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It’s an element missed by many. It’s a great addition to your workout. Upper body exercises – Dumbbell single-arm bench press — Instead of benching with a barbell, I will use dumbbells. And to make it even more different, I only use one.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press: – Stand holding a pair of dumbbells just outside your shoulders, with your arms bent and palms facing each other – Set your feet shoulder-width apart, and slightly bend your knees. – Press the weights upward.

The incline dumbbell press is almost identical to the bench press, except that it’s done on an inclined bench. The inclined dumbbell press helps target the top of your chest muscles and the lower part of your shoulder muscles. It’s a.

Grab a pair of dumbbells and lie on a decline bench, hooking your feet under the pads. Your head, shoulders and glutes should be in full contact with the bench allowing for a slight, natural arch in the lumbar region of the spine. Your upper.

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